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Few words about automatic blood pressure monitor.

A blood pressure monitor is a special device for measuring blood pressure levels. It allows you to control this changeable and important parameter of human health. In most cases, it is difficult to understand whether you are experiencing hypotension or a hypertensive crisis without a tonometer because the symptoms are very similar: weakness, dizziness, and headache. Only by measuring the blood pressure can you provide appropriate first aid.

The pharmacy has a large selection of devices, and it is difficult to determine which model is needed in a particular case. Devices differ in price, quality, mechanism of action, and country of manufacturing. What should you pay attention to?

Today, we will talk about the electronic Antrolife AES-UB21 tonometer

Many people are wondering how to choose an automatic blood pressure monitor. Compared to mechanical monitors, automatic ones have many varieties and additional functions. The electronic Antrolife AES-UB21 device is convenient in that the blood pressure indicators are displayed on the screen. We compared the device measurements to those of manual/mechanical blood pressure monitors and, as it turned out, the indicators practically do not differ.

Automatic — This option practically eliminates human intervention. The cuff is fixed on the arm. Then the blood pressure is measured independently. The Antrolife AES-UB21 smart device shows ready-made indicators and interprets the results. If the patient does not understand their degree of hypertension, the tonometer will write or announce the diagnosis. It is a good choice for seniors.

Main disadvantages: Breakdowns are possible because the electronic mechanism is sensitive to changes in the external environment and physical mechanical damage. The cost of such a device is higher than others due to the additional functions (voice notifications and arrhythmia and heart rate indicators). At the same time, there is a very low rejection rate for this Antrolife AES-UB21 model.

Even a healthy young man can find it difficult to properly pump a manual cuff, slowly release the air, and hear the tones. In old age, it is almost impossible to perform these actions. Therefore, it is best to choose an electronic tonometer.

This tonometer is convenient for people who live alone.

Fully automatic models should be chosen by people with little strength in the hands and those who have suffered a stroke. In this case, the tonometer will do everything by itself. You just need to fix it around your arm.

Heart rate detection is an optional feature. Of course, you can independently calculate your heart rate, but this can easily be done by the device.

If you have vision problems, then you should choose a blood pressure monitor with a large display. Modern Antrolife models are equipped with voice guidance. After measuring your blood pressure, the device will announce the indicators, as well as a diagnosis according to common classifications (normal or the degree of arterial hypertension).